Userful empowers organisations to deploy and administer displays and video walls throughout an enterprise, and seamlessly manage the content displayed on them.

Mission Critical applications are easily distributed on Userful’s software-based solution, which eliminates unnecessary hardware. Display any source on diverse videowalls and digital displays throughout an organisation, which are powered in real-time from a single centrally-managed server.

Maximise customer engagement using Userful's Visual Networking Platform which drives collaboration and communication over a secure and scalable IP Network solution.

Stream any content source onto any screen globally in real-time

Manage all of your content needs from a centralised location and deploy any source to any display in your organisation. Operates directly on smart displays with no additional hardware required or add an adapter to any legacy display.

Real-time, dynamic control

Userful’s command and control module allows the user to quickly control and display multiple content sources on the video wall easily and in real time.

Futureproof & Hardware Agnostic

The same server can also distribute content to other digital signs in the same location making it an extremely cost-effective solution to distribute content. Futureproof your organisation with Userful’s scalable solution, allowing peace-of-mind as your business and it’s needs grow.

Empower your signage and data delivery by upgrading to a centralised Visual Networking Platform

Reduce Proprietary Hardware

The Userful video wall solution replaces the expensive proprietary AV hardware of the past by utilising zero client devices at each display. This means the server can be located away from the video wall and doesn’t require any specialist video wall processing units or connections.

How Userful works with LED walls

Userful LED Video Wall solutions allow you to create video walls with unlimited resolution and aspect ratio. With all the rich features Userful has to offer such as command and control, you can place multiple sources in real time to any location on the LED wall to create your own custom workspace which can be saved as a preset, allowing quick switches between layouts with a single click.