This solution is useful for consumer-facing businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, shopping complexes, salons, among others. It lets you communicate effectively with your customers by combining commercial signage displays and advanced TV technology.

Eye-catching content

Deliver a brilliant visual experience with ultrahigh definition displays in a range of sizes to fit any space or budget. TheseTVs are built to operate even with extended daily business hours, 16-hours aday, 7 days a week.

Control content with your mobile device

These TVs also support Samsung Business TV app,available for Android and iOS devices. This allows you to remotely manage andcontrol the content through your smartphone.

Easy and quick to set up

This app also aids easy DIY installation of theTV. It comes preloaded with a step-by-step tutorial that automatically beginswhen users first turn the TV on. After downloading the Business TV app, yourdevices are automatically connected to the TV and available for immediate use.

Design content easily

Design content with the click of a button. ThisTV supports more than 100 pre-loaded templates including L-Bar layouts,motion-embedded, seasonal sale and other pre-designed promotions fordo-it-yourself content creation.

Simple content management

The interface of this TV is simple to use and itallows you to edit, review, finalize and deploy content — even across multipledisplays — with just a few quick taps.

Hustle free solution

This TV allows you to focus on your business insteadof the solution. You spend less time dealing with technical issues. An on/offtimer allows the TV to automatically operate during business hours and apin-code protects the display settings, avoiding any potential contentinterruptions.

Summary of benefits:

●    Simple and quick to set up
●    Delivers eye-catching visualexperience
●    Control content with your personaldevice like a smartphone
●    DIY content creation with theclick of a button
●    The interfacep allows you toeasily edit, review, finalise and deploy content
●    An on/off timer allowsautomatically operation
●    No technical hustle ensuring zerocontent interruptions.

Samsung Business Tv

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