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Carlinkit 3.0 Mini Wireless CarPlay Adapter

SKU: CPC200-U2W Mini

Carlinkit 3.0 Mini Wireless CarPlay Adapter is an innovative, convenient solution for transforming built-in wired CarPlay into a wireless version.

It's small and lightweight, compatible with numerous car models, plus it boasts a heat dissipation hole that improves durability and enhances stability. Get ready to experience the future of car entertainment!

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New Product Release

Carlinkit New Mini Wireless Adapter is an innovative solution for converting original car built-in wired CarPlay systems to wireless CarPlay networks. Small and easy to tote, the device is compatible with a broad range of car models. An integrated heat dissipation port allows the product chip to dissipate heat rapidly, increasing product durability and stability.

Main Function

Enjoy easy, effortless access to your CarPlay system with an automatic wireless connection—no USB cable required! This simple retrofit method offers a convenient way to make CarPlay wireless, allowing you to seamlessly play music, get directions, and use Siri. Simply plug and play to start using the system effortlessly.

Compatible Devices

Compatible with iPhones from 5 (iOS 7.1) to 14 Pro MAX (iOS 16), the Carlinkit Mini Adapter requires that your car has CarPlay pre-installed. Typical connection time is 7-14 seconds.


Carlinkit 3.0 Mini Wireless CarPlay Adapter requires a minimum of two wireless connections: one Bluetooth connection and one Wi-Fi network. It begins with the Bluetooth network, through which the device shares Wi-Fi credentials to complete the setup process. Following the easy installation, users need only guarantee that their phones are not connected to any other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks and that any hands-free connections are removed from the phone and car system settings.





CPC200-U2W Mini

Product Size

46X45X16 mm

Power consumption


Phone OS System Suitable

iPhone & IOS 10 above

For Factory Wired CarPlay Cars afters 2015


1,240 SR


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Carlinkit 3.0 Mini Wireless CarPlay Adapter
250 SR

Carlinkit 3.0 Mini Wireless CarPlay Adapter

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